Krimml Facts


The area Hochkrimml-Gerlosplatte is located at about 1,600 m and belongs to Krimml, the westernmost municipality of the Salzburgerland.

Krimml is famous for the largest waterfalls in Europe. This unique spectacle of nature is a highlight in summer and winter and is part of every holiday to-do-list.

Immerse yourself with us in the wonderful world of the mountains.
Here you can let go, simply forget your daily stress for a short period and bring harmony to body and soul.
The view of this unique landscape from the window of your apartment alone will instill a relaxed holiday mood.


Summer and Winter

A holiday paradise

1.600 m above sea level...a little closer to the sky...yes, that you are definitely in Hochkrimml.

In summer you can start direktly from your apartment a lot of bike and hiking tours. Reams of valleys and peaks are waiting for you - after reaching the top a good alpine snack is waiting at the hut.

Out of the bed and down to the slopes ... in Hochkrimml you need only a few minutes for this. Kaiserschmarrn, Germknödel and a cup of Glühwein in one of our cozy huts complete a perfect day of skiing.

Hochkrimml - Gerlosplatte

In the middle of the ski area

Hochkrimml is splitted into three districts - Filzsteinalpe, Duxeralm and Silberleiten.
In each district you will find a restaurant and apres-ski bars.

You do not have all of the equipment of just want to test a new ski?
Intersport Patterer or
Sport 2000 Lachmayer has the right thing for you.
In the summer, the main shops in Krimml are open.