General terms of contract

The following general terms of contract apply to the rental of our vacation apartments and chalets in Hochkrimml:

These general terms and conditions become an integral part of your rental agreement upon conclusion of the contract - we therefore request to read them carefully.

1. Rental contract - rental period

You have the possibility to rent your vacation apartment/house through our office A-Krimml, Hochkrimml 104, Tel.: +43 6564 8372, Fax: +43 6564 8372 22.
The rental agreement is concluded as soon as you receive our written rental confirmation (rental agreement) based on the rental period and conditions that we have agreed with you verbally and/or in writing.
If you do not receive our written confirmation within ten days of our confirmation, please contact our office again immediately.
Rentals are made on a weekly basis (Saturday to Saturday), minimum rental period is one week.

2. Rental price

The rental price includes the use of the apartment (or cottage) named in the rental agreement with all facilities/equipment, as well as consumption of electricity, gas, and water.
Bed linen and towels can be rented on request.
Parking space and/or garage require separate rental.
The final cleaning is obligatory for you.  The price depends on the size of the apartment and is specified in the rental contract. A local tax will be charged, which we must pay to the municipality.
A booking fee is due at the conclusion of each booking. Special services can be agreed individually in writing.

3. Essential changes of the contract

If you wish to make changes to the contract after the conclusion of the rental agreement (see point 1), we will accommodate your wishes within the scope of our possibilities.

4. Payment and deposit

Upon receipt of the rental confirmation (rental contract, see point 1), 20% of the total rental price is due for payment within 14 days.  The remaining rental amount of 80% is to be paid at the latest two weeks before the start of the rental period.

5. Arrival and departure times

For the handing over of the apartment and the keys (arrival and departure, each on Saturday) we are available in our office on site on Saturdays from 9:00 to 18:00. Other times can be arranged individually. We ask for your understanding that the apartment can be occupied on the day of arrival from 15.00 o'clock on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10.00 o'clock on the day of departure.  Arrival and departure day are considered as one rental day.

6. Rental obligations

During the rental period, the apartment is to be kept in order by the tenant in the usual manner. Please understand that it is not possible to bring animals and that most apartments/houses are non-smoking areas.
We ask you to handle the apartment entrusted to you with care - damage to the apartment and its furnishings / equipment, we would have to charge you, the liability of the tenant for damages is in case of gross negligence and intent.
In case of significant violations of the lease agreement, we are entitled after a warning in case of recurrence, to terminate the lease agreement for cause with immediate effect.

7. Complaints

Despite all efforts it cannot be excluded that you have complaints - we ask you to report such complaints immediately on site, so that we can immediately remedy the situation - we cannot accept complaints after your departure.

8. Cancellation of the contract

If you are prevented from fulfilling the rental contract for reasons that were not foreseeable for you at the time the rental contract was concluded, please contact us as soon as possible, stating the reasons - we will then examine your request and discuss the possibilities of a mutually agreeable cancellation of the contract.

8.a. In case of cancellation of the contract without insurance, the cancellation costs are as follows:
up to 90 days before the beginning of the rental period € 30,00
89 - 30 days before the beginning of the rental period 30%.
29 - 15 days before the beginning of the rental period 50%
14 - 0 days before the beginning of the rental period 100% of the total rent.
The right to cancel the contract remains excluded.

8.b. On our website under travel cancellation insurance you can easily conclude a suitable insurance.
If the conclusion of a travel cancellation insurance is important for you, please contact our agent:   telephone number: 10 01 81 03