water festival

Simply sit down and take a deep breath! Inhale the crystal-clear air, enjoy the element of water in its original form with all your senses, right up to the mighty water organ.

Our tip - Multimedia Guide "Krimml Waters"

Marvel, immerse and inhale with the interactive multimedia guide in Krimml.

This free multimedia guide takes you to the special places in the waterfall and national park community of Krimml. Go on a journey of discovery and experience the element of water up close, whether on the Waterfall Trail with spectacular views of the highest waterfalls in Europe, the WaterWorlds Krimml with interactive water installations or in the village itself - the wet element can be found everywhere. Interesting and exciting stories and events from the surrounding area are also told.
The duration is approx. 2 hours. Available for IOS and Android.

This is how it works:

  •  Download the Locandy app
  • Use the app's QR search to start the "Krimml Waters" adventure.
download here the locandy app for free