General terms

of contract for renting out our holiday apartments and holiday cottages in Hochkrimml

With the conclusion of the contract, these general terms of contract shall become a part of your lease agreement. We therefore request you to read through them carefully.

1. Lease agreement - Period of lease
You can rent your holiday apartment / cottage through our office at A-Krimml, Hochkrimml 104, Tel.: +43 6564 8372, Fax: +43 6564 8372 22.
The lease agreement shall be considered as concluded as soon as you receive our written lease confirmation (lease agreement), which will
be based upon the lease period and terms of lease as agreed with you, orally and/or in writing. If you do not receive our written confirmation within ten days after our acceptance, please contact our office immediately. The holiday home shall be rented out on a weekly basis (Saturday to Saturday), with a minimum lease period of one week.

2. Rent
The rent shall include the apartment (or the cottage) mentioned in the lease agreement, along with all equipment/amenities as well as
electricity, gas and water consumption. Linen and hand towels can be rented upon request. A separate lease will be required for parking space and/or garage. We shall assume responsibility for the final cleaning for you. The price for this will be determined on the basis of the size of the apartment and will be specified in the lease agreement. A local tax, which we are required to pay to the municipality, will also be charged.
A booking fee is due upon completion of each booking. Additional services can be agreed upon separately in writing.

3. Important amendments to the contract
If you wish to make changes to the lease agreement after the conclusion of the contract (s. pt. 1), we shall try to comply with your
request to the best of our ability. For important amendments to the contract (e.g. change of apartment, a different lease period, or parking space/garage) that are requested up to 45 days before the commencement of the lease, we charge a lump sum processing fee of Euro 15.00, and, for requests within 45 days before the commencement of the lease, Euro 30.00.

4. Payment and advance payment
Upon receipt of the lease confirmation (for lease agreement, s. pt. 1), 20% of the entire rent shall be payable within 14 days and the remaining
80% shall be payable no later than two weeks before the lease commences.

5. Arrival and departure times
For handing over the apartment and keys (arrival and departure, both on Saturday) our local office will assist you on Saturdays between 9
am and 6 pm. Other times will have to be agreed upon separately. Please note that the apartment will be available to you on the day of
arrival from 3 pm and will have to be vacated on the day of departure by 10 am. The day of arrival and departure are charged together as one
day of the lease.

6. Lease obligations
During the period of lease, the tenant shall maintain the apartment in the usual good condition. Please note that animals are not allowed and that most apartments/cottages are non-smoking areas. We request that you treat the apartment with care. We are obliged to charge you for any damage to the apartment and its equipment/amenities. The tenant shall be liable to pay compensation in the event of gross negligence and intent. In the event of signifi cant violation of the lease agreement, we shall, following recurrence after a previous written warning, have the right to terminate the lease agreement with immediate effect, on important grounds.

7. Complaints
Despite all our efforts, complaints on your part cannot be excluded. We request that you inform the local office of any such complaints without
delay, so that we can initiate remedial measures immediately. We shall not be able to accept any complaints subsequent to your departure.

8. Cancellation of agreement
If you are unable to fulfil the lease agreement due to reasons which were not foreseeable at the time of the conclusion of the agreement,
please contact us immediately stating the reasons for this. We shall then consider your request and explore with you the possibilities of an
amicable cancellation of the agreement.

8.a. In the event of cancellation of the contract without an insurance agreement the following cancellation fees shall be applicable:
Up to 90 days before commencement of the lease € 30.00
89 - 30 days before commencement of the lease 30%
29 - 15 days before commencement of the lease 50%
14 - 0 days before commencement of the lease 100% of the total rent.
Any claim to cancellation of the agreement shall be excluded.

8.b. You can easily take out appropriate insurance on our website under the point Travel cancellation insurance. To obtain travel cancellation insurance, you will need our agent
number: 10 01 81 03